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We are a leading Importer & Wholesaler of URYU Air Tools such as URYU Oil Pulse Tools,
URYU Ratchet Wrench, URYU Nut Runners, URYU Screw Driver and URYU Grinders from India.
Since started the production of Oil-Pulse Tools about 30 years ago, we have been continuously developing advanced mechanisms. Featured with unique Air/Hydraulic mechanism, URYU Oil-Pulse Tools have now come to the fourth generation "ULT Ultimate Series" passing through the first generation "U Single-Blade Series", the second "UX Two-Blade Series" and the third "ALPHA Double-Chamber Series". ULT Ultimate Fastening Tools achieve tremendous light weight & short size in addition to numerous features and benefits to raise your productivity.

Oil pulse
Uryu Oil pulse
URYU wide range of URW series Ratchet Wrenches offer versatile service for driving and removing bolts or nuts in narrow application. Bent head type, Thinner head type and Extended Head type are also available for many kinds of hard to-reach access fastening jobs, where even the standard head of Ratchet Wrenches cannot get in. Reverse rotation is obtained by simply turning a tool over.

  • Impact type screwdrivers of well-balanced Double-Hammer mechanism deliver tremendously, high torque per weight and perform fast operation in driving and removing screws.
  • Featured with unique clutch mechanism patented, US-LT series types are automatically shut off at the pre-set torque assuring precise fastening for high quality control.
  • Only air motor starts running when throttle lever is operated. The screw bit rotates when operator's push or axial pressure is applied. The output torque can be adjusted by turning regulator to control spring compression or by changing the springs.
Screw Drivers
Screw Drivers
Screw Drivers
URYU Die Grinders, ruggedly designed for mounted wheels and carbide burrs, are ideal for rapid metal removal or precise finishing such as weld cleaning, deburring, die contouring and repair, blending and smoothening.
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